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Film Processing

Davitt Photo Centre are one of the few Photo Labs in Ireland that have a working C41 Film Processor. We can develop and print a wide range of film types 135, 126, 110, APS, 120 and 220. Our printing is done via a Noritsu 3201 Printer, in my opinion the best photo labs available, we print on silver halide wet process paper for the best results. The paper we use is Kodak Glossy and Fuji DP2 Professional Lustre/ Matte Paper. We can also develop and print C41 Process B&W films as well as cross processing E6 / Slides.

All the negatives we print are prejudged and colour corrected by our professional printers for the best possible results. If you have old negatives at home we can print them for you or put them onto a CD. Film or negatives can be printed at the usual sizes 6” x 4”, 5” x 7" or up to a massive 12”x18". Panoramic negatives can be printed even bigger up to 12” x 36”

New Black & White film processing service available.


Film Developing & Printing Prices

Service / Size 135mm / APS 126 / 110 Extra Set
1 hour (6x4) €13.95 €14.95 €4.95
24 hour (6x4) €9.95 €10.95 €4.95
1 hour (5x7) €17.95 €18.95 €6.95
24 hour (5x7) €13.95 €14.95 €6.95
(All inclusive of VAT)

Medium Format Prices

Service / Size 120 220
Square negs - 4" €9.95 €19.95
6x4.5 - 4" prints €9.95 €19.95
Square negs - 5" €12.95 €24.95
6x4.5 - 5" prints €12.95 €24.95
(All inclusive of VAT)

Develop Only

Service / Size Price
135/126/110/APS €4.00
120 €5.00
220 €10.00
(All inclusive of VAT)